Crane Ridge Lookout Site
US 2067, CA 163
Crane Ridge Lookout - 1980's

Crane Ridge Lookout - 1980's - courtesy of Nancy Mueller

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 2067, CA 163 (view other lookout sites in United States, California)
Date Registered January 15, 2021
Nominated by Brad Eells
Location Private Ranch
Alameda County, California
Coordinates N 37° 36.362' W 121° 37.217' (view using Google Maps)
N 37° 36' 22" W 121° 37' 13"
N 37.606031° W 121.620286°
Elevation 2,962 ft (903 m)
Built 1914
Removed Abandoned after 1973
Administered by The Stockmen's Protective Association of Livermore
Cooperators Alameda County


Crane Ridge Lookout was constructed in 1914 with volunteer labor from the Cattlemen's Protective Association of Livermore. The structure is a unique, 2 story local design. 

The cabin was anchored to the mountain-top with inch thick cables attached to stakes driven deep into the ground, necessitated by the high winds that swept across those elevations and the infrequent lightning storms that started many of the fires. - East Bay Times

Henrietta Mendenhall was the most noted lookout serving from the 1920's until 1942 as the only known female lookout in the State of California at the time. She raised her twin sons, Jack and Charles there while her husband Ernie tended a ranch nearby.

Henrietta Victoria Wetmore, 1885-1945 was the daughter of the great California wine pioneer Charles Augustus Wetmore 1847-1927 and Anna Deroy Smith 1857-1930. Henrietta married Ernest "Ernie" Darwin Mendenhall 1878-1939. Ernest was the son of Absolom A Mendenhall 1830-1907 and Christina Clark 1847-1929. Henrietta and Ernest had two sons: John "Jack" Louis Mendenhall 1920-2011 and Charles Earnest Mendenhall 1920-1977.

The lookout remained in service until 1973. Gus Theil was the last to serve there. The structure was removed at an unknown date prior to 1986. Only the foundation remains at the site.


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Crane Ridge Lookout - Period Sketch and Memoir

Crane Ridge Lookout - Period Sketch and Memoir - courtesy of Nancy Mueller

Crane Ridge Lookout 1931 - Herbert L. Hagemann, 1976

Crane Ridge Lookout 1931 - Herbert L. Hagemann, 1976 - courtesy of The Amador-Livermore Valley Historical Society, Publisher