Bartlick (Wildcat) Tower Site
US 1723, VA 25

Photo courtesy of Jack Jones

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 1723, VA 25 (view other lookout sites in United States, Virginia)
Date Registered July 30, 2018
Nominated by Kristin Reynolds
Location Dickenson County, Virginia
Coordinates N 37° 14.267' W 082° 16.133' (view using Google Maps)
N 37° 14' 16" W 082° 16' 08"
N 37.237778° W 082.268889°
Elevation 2,096 ft (639 m)
Built 1936
Removed 1978
Administered by Virginia Department of Forestry


Bartlick Lookout, also known as Wildcat Tower by locals, was built in 1936 near Wildcat Hollow. It was a steel Aermotor tower purchased earlier that summer at a cost of $1,448. It and a lookout cabin were built at the site by CCC crews. Locals remember the tower having 114 steps to the top.

The former tower site is now private property. Concrete footers remain from the tower.


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