Cook Creek Spar Tree Lookout Site
US 808, WA 31

Photo courtesy of Fred T. James

Lookout Details

Registry Numbers US 808, WA 31 (view other lookout sites in United States, Washington)
Date Registered December 24, 2010
Nominated by Irene Potter
Location Quinault Indian Reservation
Grays Harbor County, Washington
Coordinates N 47° 22.316' W 124° 02.708' (view using Google Maps)
N 47° 22' 19" W 124° 02' 43"
N 47.371940° W 124.045140°
Elevation 179 ft (55 m)
Administered by Quinault Indian Tribe


Constructed in 1927 by the Hobi Timber Company, this giant Douglas Fir tree was topped at 179', stripped of its bark, and had 3-foot steel rods driven in a winding, circular pattern up the tree. A steel cable wrapped through the eyes of the rods around the tree served to tighten them to the tree as well as serve as a handrail. A 7x7' cab was mounted to the treetop, with the top of the tree used as the firefinder stand. Apparently in 1955 the tree snapped in two, and all that remains today is 35' of the tree base and remnants of the stairway.

In a contact Irene Potter made with the Quinault Tribe, Natural Resources Dept today I found that access is still available to non-tribal persons, but they need to get a permit. Contact Florine Shale, Permit Office, 1-888-616-8211, ext. 297, to get a permit. Proof on auto insurance is needed. There may be a nominal daily fee for entrance to the tribe's land.


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Rusted steel rods attached to cable

Rusted steel rods attached to cable

Remains of lookout 6/20/1996

Remains of lookout 6/20/1996